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How good is it for self-development?

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Not very. You don’t need to develop great strength or flexibility to do Jitsu well so physically, you’ll only end up more fit, rather than a rippling mass of muscle (you can do other things for that).

Japanese martial arts tend to be split into two camps: those ending in -do (karate-do, judo, kendo, kyudo, aikido etc) and those ending in -jitsu (kenjitsu, bo-jitsu, jiu-jitsu, etc). The former are ‘ways’ — they are a path to mental development as well as to martial excellence. The jitsu are systems of techniques and don’t claim to offer this path. However, since the former developed from the latter, practitioners of jitsu do tend to end up with an aversion to violence (we know what can happen!).

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