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It'll hurt

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Okay, we won’t lie to you. Sometimes it hurts. But of all martial arts, Jitsu has one of the lowest injury rates around.

We don’t do lots of high kicks or jumping (so no risk of torn ligaments or dislocations from overstretching). We don’t practise strikes against hard objects (so the risk of breaking knuckles, fists, wrists, etc from body conditioning doesn’t exist). We’re not full contact (in the karate sense) so we don’t risk breakages that way. And we don’t teach people to fall badly so they won’t lose points in competitions.

Every session begins with a warm-up to prevent over-stretching of muscles. And every beginner is first taught how to fall so that they don’t hurt themselves during practice. Couple that with the co-operative nature of Jitsu training and the reasons for the low injury rate are obvious.

And if there is a problem, anyone with a light-blue belt or better has taken a first-aid qualification so will know how to deal with injuries.

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