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Jitsu teaches defences against various weapons

Jitsuka are taught a wide variety of techniques for defending against and disarming armed foes.

When fights start, people often grab nearby objects to use as weapons. Consider the similarity between a chair and a sword. Both tend to be swung and thrust in similar ways. Thus defending against a deadly sword lends itself to defending against a common contemporary weapon of a chair.

  • Bottles are the first weapon you learn to defend yourself again in Jitsu. Broken bottles come later.
  • Batons or coshes are used to train against an attack with a blunt object.
  • Knives are a common weapon, and every Jitsuka learns to defend him or herself from such attacks.
  • Chains have a good range and lend themselves to some of the more spectacular defences in Jitsu.
  • Swords are not common in today’s society, but defences from them can be applied to other attacks.

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