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Atemi (body blows)

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In Jitsu, atemi are one of the most important techniques available. They distract opponents before a more powerful technique can be applied or they can incapacitate in their own rights.

Atemi are taught to adult Jitsuka from white belt stage onwards in something quaintly known as 'Dangerous Parts'.

There are three main regions of the body studied for atemi points. These are the head, the body and the back and there are eight points in each region.

Dangerous parts is performed in kata style with the Jitsuka continuing through strikes with control (i.e. slowly) to make contact with the targets. The positions are then held until the next techniques are called for.

Parts of the head

  1. Temples
  2. Bridge of the nose
  3. Eyes
  4. Mastoid process
  5. Base of the nose
  6. Chin
  7. Carotid arteries
  8. Larynx

Parts of the body

  1. Kidneys
  2. Solar plexus
  3. Groin
  4. Knee caps
  5. Shins
  6. Feet
  7. Wrist
  8. Elbow

Parts of the back

  1. Carotid arteries
  2. Base of the skull
  3. Between the shoulder blades
  4. Kidneys
  5. Base of the spine
  6. Coxics
  7. Back of the knee
  8. Achilles tendon

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