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Grab defences

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Not all attacks are punches or kicks. Aside from the obvious issue of weapons, people might try to strange you or even just grab you, for example.

Jitsu teaches a variety of defences against grabs. Initially, we teach you simple wrist releases - ways to break the grip of someone who grabs your wrist with either one hand or two hands. We'll also show you how to defend yourself against strangles, hair grabs, and ear grabs (yes, really), from in front and from behind.

Later on, we'll teach you defences against over-arm and under-arm grabs and wrist grabs by two attackers, again from behind and from in front.

In common with much of Jitsu, we'll show you more than one way of defending yourself to most of these attacks, so that you can choose exactly how forceful your response it – maybe that man grabbing your wrist only wanted to know the time!

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