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Wrist locks

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Wrist locks (Tekubi-waza) are strong pressures or twists to an opponent’s wrists in order to cause pain or break the wrist. They can be used against grabs, punches, strangles and just about any weapon attack.

Jitsu teaches three wristlocks to novices as part of the yellow belt syllabus:

  1. Kote gaeshi (wrist twist/turn over)
  2. Ura kote (reverse wrist)
  3. Kote gatame (wrist lock)

Three more are taught to higher grades:

  1. Kote Dori (wrist trap)
  2. Kote Hineri (wrist twist)
  3. Kote Otoshi (wrist drop)

However, these form just the basis of all the various techniques possible, of which there are innumerable.

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