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Arm locks

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Arm locks (katame-waza) can be used to incapacitate, disarm, disable or distract opponents. They involve twisting or applying pressure to the arm joints so that they give pain to the recipient. When applied quickly, an armlock can break the joint.

Jitsu teaches six basic armlocks (with additional variants):

  1. Outside - Kujiki gatame (arm break); Inside - Kannuki gatame (bolt lock)
  2. Regular - Karada gatame (body lock); On a tall person - Katsugi gatame (shoulder-carry lock)
  3. Jodan ude garami (upper body arm entanglement)
  4. Gedan ude garami (lower level arm entanglement)
  5. Hiji gatame (elbow lock)
  6. Ude gatame (forearm bar/arm lock)

These are usually demonstrated in a pre-set sequence (a kata). However, higher grades are able to use armlocks within other techniques such as throws.

Armlocks are also taught in Jitsu as part of Judo-style groundwork.

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