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Osaekomi-waza (grappling)

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Grappling or osaekomi-waza are techniques for pinning someone to the floor. Much of groundwork involves manoeuvring yourself and your opponent into a position where it becomes possible to use osaekomi-waza techniques that effectively stop the opponent from fighting by pinning them on their back and stopping them from using their limbs to try to wrestle themselves out of your grip.

Jitsuka learn a few basic groundwork holds to begin with, such as kesa-gatame (the scarf hold), kata-gatame (the shoulder hold) and yoko-shiho-gatame (the side, four-quarters hold down). These have your opponent lying on his back while you lie on his chest, keeping one or more of his limbs secured with your own. Attempting to escape from the grip usually results in exhaustion for your opponent.

Higher grades learn other pin-downs as well as ushiro (reverse) and kuzure (broken) forms of the holds that can be used from different positions or when you don't have control of particular limbs.

Osaekomi-waza are different from kansetsu-waza, since they do not cause pain to joints, only make it almost impossible for your opponent to escape from your pin.

The usefulness of certain osaekomi-waza techniques in real-life fights is often much reduced, but many still work and all are useful in Jitsu competitions.

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