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Small-Circle Jujitsu

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Small-Circle JujitsuAuthor: Wally Jay
Publisher: Ohara Publications
Published: 1st August 1989
Paperback, 255 pages
Amazon price: £11.24

Rating: 4/5

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You'll find much of our Shorinji Kempo style in Soke's Jay book. Packed full of pictures, these follow a logical order and interestingly he shows resuscitation techniques quite early in the book.

The head locks and his theory of "small circle" work really well, albeit taking a fair amount of time to be mastered. I found adorable his demonstrations of counter chokes, particularly his "Hawaiian choke". Ankle and knee locks are also covered, but he missed out (or it's not part of his syllabus) shoulder locks or pressure points.

For those in the know, several of his techniques are not Japanese — Korean and North Eastern Chinese are the norm.

I'm pleased to have this book in my collection and refer to it often. I'd say it's a good candidate to any serious martial artist who's interested in real combat.

Review by Airton Motta

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