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Martial Arts for Beginners

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Martial Arts for Beginners (A Writers & Readers Beginners Documentary Comic Book)Author: Ron Sieh
Publisher: Writers and Artists
Published: 12th January 1996
Paperback, 155 pages
Amazon price: £7.99

Rating: 4/5

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Martial Arts for Beginners provides a good overview to the subject in a pleasant and easy to read format. Part of the …for beginners series of books so beloved by undergraduates, this book combines pictures [always a good thing in any book] with an often witty, informative script to gently coax you into the world of martial arts.

The book starts off by explaining what is meant by a martial art - “one's personal fighting art” - to discussing the use of such skills in a world of guns and intercontinental ballistic missiles. It then goes on to explain, in just the right amount of detail, the history of martial arts from its origins in China, as exercises for fat and lazy Buddhist Monks, to the impact of men such as Bruce Lee, and in the process explains the differences between the various martial arts around the world and the various approaches they take.

This book is perfect for anyone who knows nothing about martial arts but is interested in learning one. Seasoned martial artists may find the history of interest but it lacks the detail of other books available and therefore cannot be recommended for serious study — this book is of course not designed for such a purpose. It is however a light and pleasant read, and is highly recommended.

Review by Dan Davies

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