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Ju Jitsu - Traditional Japanese Unarmed Combat

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Ju Jitsu - Traditional Japanese Unarmed Combat - Techniques Of Ju Jitsu

Starring: Jim Shortt
Publisher: Beckmann Visual Publishing
Published: 1st August 1991
Amazon price: £12.99

Rating: 4/5

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Boasting one of the most entertaining moustaches in Jiu Jitsu, Jim Shortt is a descendant of one of the first English to learn the art when Japanese arrived in England at the start of last century. So you might think his style of Jitsu is going to be quite traditional. In some ways, you'd be right. But Shortt takes on board a whole raft of aikido philosophies to make his Jitsu a quieter proposition.

Currently running his own bodyguard school, Shortt made this video in 1991 and the production values show it. Despite this, the video is more a triumph of content over style. Indeed, his approach to Jitsu offers valuable advice to many a Jitsuka wanting to muscle out at a grading. Among Shortt's hints are:

  • Never take your feet off the floor for a throw or a kick if you can avoid it, so you don't fall over
  • Always go to the outside of a punch, so you don't end up having to cope with two fists, rather than just the one
  • Listen out for attackers behind you, and don't let one noise distract you from the others
  • Tilt the head down so your peripheral vision can give you a glimpse of anyone coming up from behind you.

Although some of his thoughts are heretical (suggesting that all hip-throws are the same thing, really, and that Judo armlocks are completely impractical), Shortt's video offers a reasonably good guide to novices and grades alike. Worth watching, if only for his moustache.

Review by Rob Buckley

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