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An interview with Sensei Handley

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Name: Mark Handley
Age: Under 100
Works: For an NHS Trust

Mark has lived in London for 2.5 years.

We asked him…

What's your favourite…

  • Drink — White Russian (at the moment)
  • Bar — Fulham Tup or The Black Bull
  • Film — Kodak Gold 500
  • Place to relax — In the bath

Where do you go…

  • When it's raining? — Outside… strange but true.
  • after work? — Pub, Jitsu, home!

What do you do on your birthday?

  • I normally get drunk with friends…

Funniest thing seen or heard on the tube.

  • Perhaps the little kiddy on the accordion. He's quite funny isn't he?

What's the most you've paid for…

  • A drink — £8 for a vodka martini and an olive!
  • A minicab — Errrr, £20

Where do you go for exercise?

  • A gym. I'm also Club Instructor for the Royal Free Hampstead Hospital Jitsu Club, and Instructor for City University Jitsu Club (www.cityjitsu.org)

Are you a member of…

  • A Gym — Yes.
  • A Members Bar — No.

Have you ever been in trouble with the law after a night out?

  • The answer to this question is not no…

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