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Gradings are examinations organised by the Jitsu Foundation where you are given the opportunity to show a senior dan what Jitsu you know in the hope you are considered good enough to wear the next higher belt.

Sets of techniques must be demonstrated with control and competence. Additional knowledge of translations and the reasons behind some of the movements in techniques may also be required. At the more senior grade level, the grading itself tends to test a Jitsuka's level of fitness to the limits.

Unlike some other martial arts' gradings, a Jitsu grading isn't just a demonstration of knowledge — it tests whether Jitsuka can apply their knowledge for real, in situations they might not be expecting and if they're tired. As a result, Jitsuka cannot observe gradings they haven't already attended — or else they would know what to expect.

You must satisfy several criteria before you are allowed to grade.

  • You must have trained at least 30 hours between grades up to 4th kyu, with at least six months between gradings. For 3rd and 1st kyu (inclusive), there must be at least six months between gradings.
  • For 3rd and 2nd kyu, you must have taught in your club at least twice a month under the supervision of the club instructor.
  • A 1st kyu student must have complete knowledge of how to run and teach at a club.
  • You must attend at least one course between gradings.
  • You must have the permission of Sensei Hamer to grade.

Gradings are held once every three months in London, although you can attend gradings in other parts of the country if you can't attend.

However, the grading for dark blue to brown is always a national grading and dan gradings are held each year at the Jitsu Summer Ball - behind closed doors.

If you want to find out what a grading's like, one of the Club's members has written an overview of a grading.

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