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A white Jitsu Foundation badge with black writing, the badge worn by all junior grades as well as 1st dans who are primary trainers

In Jitsu, we predominantly use belts to distinguish between grades. However, we also use badges to distinguish between different types of black belts.

Unlike some styles of martial arts, our badges are cheap - the white badge with black writing and a black outline comes free with your gi if you order the gi through the club (you'll get a discount on the gi as well). You'll need to sew it on yourself, though, so that it appears on the right-hand sleeve of your gi below the shoulder. If you don't have a badge, you won't be able to go to a grading.

After that, you won't need a new badge until you start to move up the ranks of black belt. Senior Primary Trainers (1st dan) wear black badges with white writing; Acting Secondary Tutors and National Secondary Tutors (both 2nd dan) wear white badges with red writing; and Acting Tertiary Fellows and Tertiary Fellows (both 3rd dan) wear red badges with white writing.

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